I really haven’t posted since May? {Wait, hold the phone, it’s JUNE?!}

I need to blog more.  :/

I started to write a big long post about my last two (three?) weeks of HELL and got bummed out.  June has been tough, with everyone sick and shit (literally), and I was just starting to relive all the (literal) shit.  So, the way of DELETEALLTHETHINGS it went because now I’m not craving a margarita in a Prozac-rimmed glass.  It’s just more like one or the other.

I kinda keep procrastinating in actually posting a post, I believe, because I’m hoping things will really improve.  Because wrapped up with all the sickness followed by rain followed by the Satan’s balls heatwave we’re currently experiencing, Drax (the daddy trapped on the crazy train with moi) has been to the doctor’s/hospital roughly 6 times due to his back and has been diagnosed with complete degenerative spinal stenosis with some spinal spurs in his neck to just sweeten the deal.  At 24 years old, he has the spine of a senior+ citizen (has apparently lived with this his whole life?) and surgery’s not exactly being ruled out yet.  Next week he begins his “pain relief plan” or whatever our hospital’s fancy PC phrase is for shots and therapies. 

And on top of this, we’ve started to add services for PX, up to 3 a week, and next week is his official evaluation by a developmental pediatrician.  He likes his new providers/workers/therapists but this routine disruption has brought out some behaviors.  And night waking.  Lots of LONG night waking, and playing.  Even after days filled with trips to the park, sensory activities, and therapies.  I think my kids are going to be like me, and sleep like shit till puberty hits, at which point they decide they cannot get enough snoozes. 

But, thankfully, our good moments have been MARVELOUS moments and actually got captured in pixels.

father's day 025
father's day 103

father's day 037
father's day 060


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