Gallery Wall PINspiration + a Free Printable!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a big dork and I'm really excited about all of this.

So we're moving, thank the heavens, and our new apartment home has a gorgeous space perfect for a gallery wall.  Actually, more like TWO gallery walls.  A gallery hallway/alcove?  Perhaps!  And this means that I have been able to divide my limited free time between two addicting Pinterest searches: organization and gallery wall ideas.

My gallery wall obsession ended up branching off and needing to be split into two boards (here & here).  But can you blame me?  Look at some of my finds!


So what's an overexcited creative mama to do?  Why start making her own images of course!  So I sat back and I thought and I thought and I thought, much like Winnie the Pooh, because I wanted my own original saying for my first piece.  And I came up with this.

Click for the full size if you want to print it!

Eeeek, I love it.  I haven't made a real, printed, physical copy of this yet, but I have big plans for this little image... I'm just saving it for Stashbusting September over at The T-Shirt Diaries (which is starting up soon, obviously, so stay tuned!).  I can't wait to start making some upcycled projects for the new place and finally tackle some of my stash before it swallows up my room.  :/


PX’s 1st Self-Portraits

PX has always been fascinated with my camera so now that he’s older (and can at least understand “don’t throw that!”) I let him play around with my camera from time to time.  Typically he just likes to press the buttons and watch the world go by on the LCD screen but the other day he turned it on himself.  And snapped these.  Perhaps this is the start of a fantastical love of photography.  Or maybe he was just amused by the flash.  Either way, he captured my two favorite since birth features:  the big curious eyes and the fuzzy ears. 

2011-08-14 030
2011-08-14 034


Black & Orange Aren’t Just for Halloween

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired to bust out my bag of vintage DMC floss and go to town after seeing this post.  With two under two and a tight budget, we’re a hand-me-down, repurposing, thrift store & yard sale type family.  I have no qualms with this, but sometimes the clothes can be a little boring.  Like these pants we got for PX: totally perfect condition, good quality, but plain.
2011-07-16 010
Maybe it’s the fact that 2T clothing is bigger and looks less “babyish” but these pants just screamed to me that they needed some attention.  So, I got crafty.
I’m really pleased with how this pair turned out.  I hadn’t picked up an embroidery needle in about 8 years!  I definitely won’t be waiting another 8 years now.


My Newest Addiction

Alright, things are a bit calmer in the roost (for the time being) so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into some sort of routine.

Last month for my birthday, the other half gave me a budget and let me loose in Michael’s.  [yeah, he’s awesome]  I immediately made my way to the fabric paint et al isle and found this, the Tulip Fabric Paint Cannon.  Considering my sewing nook is a disaster and I’ve been itching to get creative, I snatched it up.

I’m not a fan of wearing white, especially with two kids under two, so I turned this

2011-07-23 031

into this!
2011-08-14 002

2011-08-14 004    2011-08-14 005

2011-08-14 003

Doesn’t it remind you of sprinkles?!

After playing around online I noticed this awesome little gadget was getting some bad reviews, so I decided to write down a few tips for anyone thinking of using this.
  • You CAN use this with just about any type of paint or dye!  Just know that the thinner the medium, the more your spray will resemble real spray paint; the pink in this shirt was done with the paint made for the cannon, the blue and yellow were done with basic acrylics thinned just a little (I wanted some splattery-looking spots).  So if your paint is coming out clumpy, try thinning it out.
  • Pump the cannon A LOT before starting any real design, to limit the amount of times (if any) you need to stop and repump.  Also try pumping more if your paint is coming out not-so-misty.
  • Let each color dry before applying the next, unless you want the colors to blend/bleed a little.
  • HEAT SET!  HEAT SET!  HEAT SET!  (For a great tutorial on heat setting acrylics, check this out).

I’m truly addicted to this thing.  I have all sorts of things planned out for it.  I need to be stopped!  ;)


My Poor, Neglected Blog

I take a little mini-vacation sotospeak and my poor blog collects dust.

So much is going on around here, and unfortunately not much of it is fun and noteworthy.  It’s hit that point in summer where I look around and realize I am very much behind in life but have little motivation to catch up.  Perhaps after Daddy Drax’s birthday next week things will return to some sort of normality.

But for now, I’ll just include a visual representation of my birthday events and my mini-vacay.
2011-07-21 0492011-07-21 0582011-07-21 0742011-07-21 083
2011-07-23 0222011-07-31 0062011-07-30 008


The Almost Twins, at 3 Months


If my little boogie doesn’t shoot up quick, by next year people will think they’re twins.  Unless Rizzle slows her roll and comes down from the nearly 100th height percentile.


[Street Scribblings] The Beginning

Banksy is who eased me into the “mainstream” (so to speak) street artists; he is who helped me discover more than what was on the walls of my hometown (which, growing up in an inner city, was actually a lot!).  This piece is actually one of my favorite because it’s quite lighthearted; in a land full of dilapidated buildings, polluted skies, and trashed streets, isn’t it wonderful to see a little something that can make you smile?

There’s so much beauty in the world—you just have to stop and look.


A Quarter Down

It’s my birthday!  Today I turn a quarter of a century old (25!) so I celebrated by…
chopping up my hair-- hairz
eating tons of bad-for-me food--2011-07-20 011
getting lots of love from my lil monsters-- lovekiddos
making a dress {for my festivities tomorrow, pictures will come soon}.



[Street Scribblings] Oh Miami, You Make Me Yearn

I have a confession:  I am obsessed with street art.  Murals, tags, installations, performances, stencils, graffiti, everything.  I can’t get enough.  The idea that you can be walking down some random street and come across a piece of art drives me crazy (in all the right ways).  I love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and what better than this colorful, mixed media, in-your-face style?  Around here we tend to give in to our obsessions so from this day forth Saturday shall now host Street Scribblings, in which an entire post will be dedicated to the awesomeness that is graffiti.

For my inaugural post, I’ll be cracking my metaphoric champagne bottle (spray paint can?) over this story of Miami’s Vespa-powered graffiti tours.  Considering that overall most of my favorite art has Latin American/Hispanic roots, I am in love with the works that can be seen on this tour.  My artistic heart is a-fluttering right now.
by El Mac
Rocky Grimes and Francesco Lo Castro Collaboration
by Lady Aiko
Let these scribblings inspire some works of your own (even if it’s just on the canvas).
Happy Saturday!


In the meantime…

It’s been too hot to sew the past few days.  (I prefer to cut & pin not at a table so a lapful of fabric hasn’t been appealing).  So I’ve been playing around with one of my other loves-  creating graphics.  This has resulted in two things:
  1. a renamed, redesigned blog
  2. a ridiculously random CafePress shop
I just couldn’t resist the urge earlier this week to download hundreds of fonts, make stencils, and start designing future uberchic clothing elements for the kiddos.
For PX
For Rizzle
For both
And that all in turn led me to realize my blog style was boring and did not reflect the chaos and hillarity of my life.  And then I figured practicing with a CafePress shop might help me develop a focus for my Etsy shop I swear I am opening come this autumn.  Even if all I’m selling is one hair bow and a pair of baby leggings.

It’s shaping up to be a cool night tonight so I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish up a couple projects; I’m dying to show the world my crib skirt & bumper set I’m turning into plushie and bedtime book storage.  Not gonna lie or toot my own horn but it’s pretty freaking amazing.


HOW TO: a parade with your wee ones

2011-07-04 003  2011-07-04 001


This past holiday weekend allowed me to be out a lot with PX and Rizzle, as well as accomplish my first parade with tots.  Here are some tips to hopefully save you some sanity.


2 young tots

stroller system and baby carrier (preferably one that can be worn on the hip)

camera with fully-charged battery

sunscreen in the summer, scarves & hats in the winter

drinks and snacks

toys, games, loveys (if you’re toddler is very active)

1 oz sanity (can substitute caffeine and herbal alternatives)

2011-07-04 034


  1. Scope the parade’s route a day or two before the event.  Take note of stores, parks, playgrounds, easy exit areas, shady (or sunny depending on the season) spots, areas with less traffic, etc.  You may find travelling to a different spot than you’ve frequented in the past, even if it’s a few minutes further from your starting point, will allow you an easier time.  I lucked out and remembered that instead of walking up to the town square, I could take an extra 2 minutes and head west, claiming a spot in an elementary school playground.  The fenced in area allowed PX a lot of freedom to run around, on top of playing in the sandbox, and me less stress when Rizzle needed to eat and PX wasn’t ready to sit still.
  2. Pack extra drinks, snacks, weather-appropriate accessories, and a couple of boredom busters.  In the summer, a sun umbrella, sunscreen, breathable nursing covers, and a mini cooler are must haves.  Oh and squirt guns/spray bottles for keeping the little ones (and you!) cool.  It was only 10am and poor PX was sweating like a pig. 
  3. IF YOU ARE GOING ABOUT THIS OUTTING SOLO, a hip carrier is highly recommended.  Your 15 month old isn’t going to be able to see all that well standing or sitting in a seat close to the ground.  Your shoulders are not going to want to hold up a toddler the whole time.  The hip carrier gives your eldest a great view and gives you two hands! 
  4. IN THE EVENT THAT YOUR ONCE OVERLY EXCITED TODDLER SUDDENLY (and randomly!) FALLS ASLEEP…pray a big, annoying truck comes along and (doesn’t) wake up the tykes who obviously blame you and give you looks of death.

2011-07-04 028  2011-07-04 029


Back to the Same Old, Same Old


Coming off two straight days of having Daddy Drax around the clock, the kiddos are fairly miserable especially PX.  Daddy is back to work for the next five days, a good 14 (or more occasionally) hours a day, and I need to come up with some ways to distract my little ones.  PX has always taken it hard; last summer when  DD had the same schedule, I’d have to use one of Daddy’s smelly old shirts for PX’s blanket or as a slipcover for his chair to keep him from getting upset.  At least Raven is a little more go with the flow and really only gets bothered when her brother is out of eye sight. 


But we were able to have some post-holiday fun as a family.  Walks, shopping, visits with friends, a BBQ, and a dinner out.  PX was finally able to get his hands on something he just loves to stare at from afar: a bicycle.  He wasn’t even out of the stroller before his little paws were all over it.  Guess it’s time to paroose craigslist for a toddler bike.


“You guys got nothing to worry about, I saw this on Curious George.  That makes me a qualified bike inspector.”

2011-07-05 131  2011-07-05 132

2011-07-05 133

“Everything seems to be in working order but you’ll need to hand it over to me.  Why you ask?  Because I’m the bike inspector!  Respect my authority!”



Anywho, I’ve begun Phoenix’s immersion in the arts.  He now has full access to my camera (as long as it’s not being used as a chew toy) and is being introduced to writing implements.  He seems to prefer pens and pencils to chalk.  Once I find my crayon stash, it’ll be artwork on the walls time.  I’m not kidding.


July 4th, 2011


The Impromptu Nature Walk

I originally set out today with the intention of going to a carnival held at one of the parks in my town, complete with live music.  Where I ended up was on a nature walk with the kiddos that ended in some fun at the playground for PX while Rizzle napped.


2011-07-02 002


And the winner of the craziest PJs of the night is…

my little boogie monster, PX!

This is what happens when your child hides all his real PJ shirts.


Happy 2 Months, Rizzle!

2011-06-25 006    2011-06-26 009

My baby girl is growing up, and doing so particularly fast!


Today was her two month checkup and all of her stats are on the larger end of the charts.  Her height is above the 95th percentile, weight is right on the 75th, and her head circumference is pushing the 90th.  My girl is a big bruiser.  She is Rosie the Riveter.  She is…the polar opposite of PX.


A Love(l)y Update

2011-06-24 105When is it that pregnancy brain actually goes away and memory returns to normal?  I would like to be less forgetful.

The bunny went in for surgery just a night before PX was due for his last round of under 2 immunizations.  Genius, Elle.  Needless to say lovey was released from the plushie hospital the morning after a very basic removal of nearly dangling eyes.  The fact that this little cuddly bunny has NO eyes seems to only bother PX; he was too busy filling in bunny on his latest antics when they were reunited to notice the difference.  But I, on the other hand, am bothered by there only being quick stitches in place of eyes.  Hopefully all the vax backlash and current molar teething episode will be over soon so bunny may get his cosmetic reconstruction finished.

The only upside to this pause on bunny's fix up is I have been able to work on my Father's Day present turned birthday gift for Daddy Drax:  a custom hybrid mei tai.  I've been fine-tuning the overall design for a few months and after finding some perfect core fabric, I'm simply going for it.  Go big or go home I always say so we're forgoing a typical pattern and I'm working with this.  Yes, that is taped to the wall.  No, I have no idea what this table is of which you speak.  Maybe, probably, most likely I have lost my mind (see above paragraph).


Lovey Surgery

circa 4-2-11
PX latched onto his chosen lovey fairly early in life; by six months, a small pink bunny covered in flowers that had once been mine became his.  For whatever reason, it was and still is his teething toy of choice, his best friend with whom he shares pillow talk.  Well during bunny’s “bath” today I discovered that poor bunny is in need of some replacement peepers.  His eyes are attached by mere threads and unfortunately due to the initial construction his original eyes are not salvageable. 

So little bunny enters into surgery this weekend and poor PX is without his best friend for a bit.  Bedtime wasn’t as calm and peaceful as it has been lately but he is off in dreamland with his many other stuffed friends.  Bunny will be getting a full physical along with his surgery to hopefully prevent any necessary operations in the near future.  It’s been a while since I’ve stitched or embroidered anything by hand so this will be something a bit different for me.  My only worry is PX will be a little less fond of bunny once he has no plastic eyes on which he can chomp.  Let’s hope he doesn’t notice the change.


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