[Street Scribblings] Oh Miami, You Make Me Yearn

I have a confession:  I am obsessed with street art.  Murals, tags, installations, performances, stencils, graffiti, everything.  I can’t get enough.  The idea that you can be walking down some random street and come across a piece of art drives me crazy (in all the right ways).  I love seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and what better than this colorful, mixed media, in-your-face style?  Around here we tend to give in to our obsessions so from this day forth Saturday shall now host Street Scribblings, in which an entire post will be dedicated to the awesomeness that is graffiti.

For my inaugural post, I’ll be cracking my metaphoric champagne bottle (spray paint can?) over this story of Miami’s Vespa-powered graffiti tours.  Considering that overall most of my favorite art has Latin American/Hispanic roots, I am in love with the works that can be seen on this tour.  My artistic heart is a-fluttering right now.
by El Mac
Rocky Grimes and Francesco Lo Castro Collaboration
by Lady Aiko
Let these scribblings inspire some works of your own (even if it’s just on the canvas).
Happy Saturday!

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