Back to the Same Old, Same Old


Coming off two straight days of having Daddy Drax around the clock, the kiddos are fairly miserable especially PX.  Daddy is back to work for the next five days, a good 14 (or more occasionally) hours a day, and I need to come up with some ways to distract my little ones.  PX has always taken it hard; last summer when  DD had the same schedule, I’d have to use one of Daddy’s smelly old shirts for PX’s blanket or as a slipcover for his chair to keep him from getting upset.  At least Raven is a little more go with the flow and really only gets bothered when her brother is out of eye sight. 


But we were able to have some post-holiday fun as a family.  Walks, shopping, visits with friends, a BBQ, and a dinner out.  PX was finally able to get his hands on something he just loves to stare at from afar: a bicycle.  He wasn’t even out of the stroller before his little paws were all over it.  Guess it’s time to paroose craigslist for a toddler bike.


“You guys got nothing to worry about, I saw this on Curious George.  That makes me a qualified bike inspector.”

2011-07-05 131  2011-07-05 132

2011-07-05 133

“Everything seems to be in working order but you’ll need to hand it over to me.  Why you ask?  Because I’m the bike inspector!  Respect my authority!”



Anywho, I’ve begun Phoenix’s immersion in the arts.  He now has full access to my camera (as long as it’s not being used as a chew toy) and is being introduced to writing implements.  He seems to prefer pens and pencils to chalk.  Once I find my crayon stash, it’ll be artwork on the walls time.  I’m not kidding.


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