HOW TO: a parade with your wee ones

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This past holiday weekend allowed me to be out a lot with PX and Rizzle, as well as accomplish my first parade with tots.  Here are some tips to hopefully save you some sanity.


2 young tots

stroller system and baby carrier (preferably one that can be worn on the hip)

camera with fully-charged battery

sunscreen in the summer, scarves & hats in the winter

drinks and snacks

toys, games, loveys (if you’re toddler is very active)

1 oz sanity (can substitute caffeine and herbal alternatives)

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  1. Scope the parade’s route a day or two before the event.  Take note of stores, parks, playgrounds, easy exit areas, shady (or sunny depending on the season) spots, areas with less traffic, etc.  You may find travelling to a different spot than you’ve frequented in the past, even if it’s a few minutes further from your starting point, will allow you an easier time.  I lucked out and remembered that instead of walking up to the town square, I could take an extra 2 minutes and head west, claiming a spot in an elementary school playground.  The fenced in area allowed PX a lot of freedom to run around, on top of playing in the sandbox, and me less stress when Rizzle needed to eat and PX wasn’t ready to sit still.
  2. Pack extra drinks, snacks, weather-appropriate accessories, and a couple of boredom busters.  In the summer, a sun umbrella, sunscreen, breathable nursing covers, and a mini cooler are must haves.  Oh and squirt guns/spray bottles for keeping the little ones (and you!) cool.  It was only 10am and poor PX was sweating like a pig. 
  3. IF YOU ARE GOING ABOUT THIS OUTTING SOLO, a hip carrier is highly recommended.  Your 15 month old isn’t going to be able to see all that well standing or sitting in a seat close to the ground.  Your shoulders are not going to want to hold up a toddler the whole time.  The hip carrier gives your eldest a great view and gives you two hands! 
  4. IN THE EVENT THAT YOUR ONCE OVERLY EXCITED TODDLER SUDDENLY (and randomly!) FALLS ASLEEP…pray a big, annoying truck comes along and (doesn’t) wake up the tykes who obviously blame you and give you looks of death.

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