A Love(l)y Update

2011-06-24 105When is it that pregnancy brain actually goes away and memory returns to normal?  I would like to be less forgetful.

The bunny went in for surgery just a night before PX was due for his last round of under 2 immunizations.  Genius, Elle.  Needless to say lovey was released from the plushie hospital the morning after a very basic removal of nearly dangling eyes.  The fact that this little cuddly bunny has NO eyes seems to only bother PX; he was too busy filling in bunny on his latest antics when they were reunited to notice the difference.  But I, on the other hand, am bothered by there only being quick stitches in place of eyes.  Hopefully all the vax backlash and current molar teething episode will be over soon so bunny may get his cosmetic reconstruction finished.

The only upside to this pause on bunny's fix up is I have been able to work on my Father's Day present turned birthday gift for Daddy Drax:  a custom hybrid mei tai.  I've been fine-tuning the overall design for a few months and after finding some perfect core fabric, I'm simply going for it.  Go big or go home I always say so we're forgoing a typical pattern and I'm working with this.  Yes, that is taped to the wall.  No, I have no idea what this table is of which you speak.  Maybe, probably, most likely I have lost my mind (see above paragraph).


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