Happy 2 Months, Rizzle!

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My baby girl is growing up, and doing so particularly fast!


Today was her two month checkup and all of her stats are on the larger end of the charts.  Her height is above the 95th percentile, weight is right on the 75th, and her head circumference is pushing the 90th.  My girl is a big bruiser.  She is Rosie the Riveter.  She is…the polar opposite of PX.

PX was, and in a way still is, a peanut.  His height has always stayed around the 50th percentile, until his 15 month visit last week where he jumped up closer to the 75th, and from birth till this past visit his weight has always been right on the 12th percentile (around the 25th now, woohoo!).  Yup, a string bean baby.  Until he began to stand and subsequently walk, very few people could tell he was actually average height; he was always called tiny and peanut thanks to his lack of any sort of baby fat.  This little chunky monkey is so different!  A nice change, in a way, considering pants actually fit and are not constantly falling off whenever she’s picked up.  If PX’s waist finally gets up to average, I may just throw a party.


But I love my two little monkeys and they are quickly becoming inseparable.  I must admit I was scared of PX being overly jealous but he looks out for his little sister and, in return, she graced him with her first smile and first real coo.  She yells for him when he’s wandered off out of site and he yells at me when I’m slower than she’d like making her bottle.  They really do love each other.


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