Lovey Surgery

circa 4-2-11
PX latched onto his chosen lovey fairly early in life; by six months, a small pink bunny covered in flowers that had once been mine became his.  For whatever reason, it was and still is his teething toy of choice, his best friend with whom he shares pillow talk.  Well during bunny’s “bath” today I discovered that poor bunny is in need of some replacement peepers.  His eyes are attached by mere threads and unfortunately due to the initial construction his original eyes are not salvageable. 

So little bunny enters into surgery this weekend and poor PX is without his best friend for a bit.  Bedtime wasn’t as calm and peaceful as it has been lately but he is off in dreamland with his many other stuffed friends.  Bunny will be getting a full physical along with his surgery to hopefully prevent any necessary operations in the near future.  It’s been a while since I’ve stitched or embroidered anything by hand so this will be something a bit different for me.  My only worry is PX will be a little less fond of bunny once he has no plastic eyes on which he can chomp.  Let’s hope he doesn’t notice the change.


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