The Story of Rizzle

So my little girl missed being born on Easter by a mere 44 minutes.

On Easter evening, upon arriving home from Grandma V's, PX was so happy to see me (and daddy) that he couldn't help but jump into my lap.  His little knee hit Rizzle's home just right and caused the contractions I'd been having that weekend to jump from 4-5minutes to 2-3minutes apart and quite painful.  So as quickly as he'd been returned, PX was whisked away to Grandma's for the night while I went into the hospital for attempt #2 of having little miss Rizzle.

At 7pm I was admitted and was told if my water didn't break by midnight, the OB would break it for me.  Low and behold Rizzle decided to take her sweet time enjoying her watery home and just before midnight, the OB broke my water.  Apparently little miss wasn't too fond if that idea and half an hour later, she was literally pushing herself out before anyone could get ready.  Two pushes and she came flying out, I'm actually quite surprised they were able to catch the little wiggle worm.

My little bundle's official weight at birth was 8lbs 4oz, her length 20", making her just barely under 3lbs heavier than her older brother.  She also got a fair amount more hair (head and everywhere else, poor thing took a lot of my genes) that likes to fluff itself into a mohawk without anyone trying.

We have been home for over a week now and so far, things are going alright.  Going from 1 to 2 children is definitely as insane as I envisioned it to be and everyone is still adjusting but we're managing somehow.  I think it's helping that our sanity was already gone from PX so the crazy is sometimes overlooked.  I'm excited for the future, when Rizzle can do more than stare at the patterns on the couch and hiccup.  And I'm certain it will come faster than I'd like.

And thus begins our roller-coaster ride.


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