There is No Easter Bunny.

Well, not for me at least.

After a few hours of observation in the hospital last night, I got to go home babyless, still having contractions 5 minutes apart.  MIL took PX for the night in case my body did decide to progress but no dice; I am sore and am now well past 36 hours of contractions but no change.  I guess I'm just going to have contractions for days, as I really don't see her popping out any time soon.  Ah well at least I'm getting more used to them, that's about as close to a silver lining as I can get.

So I sent Daddy Drax to work, PX is staying with the grands until at least this afternoon, and I'm all alone.  This Easter I'm spending my time busting my buns around the house, hoping it'll help my body make up its mind (plus, there is a lot of crap that needs to get done around here- such is life with a toddler!).  I hope someone at least brings me a chocolate bunny; I have no religious ties to Easter so to me the best part is the candy.  Or a basketload of Cadbury eggs, that'd make all these annoying contractions worth it.  :)


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