39 and 2

Rizzle gave me my first false alarm last night.  The little bugger.

I had some contractions starting around suppertime so I began timing them.  Within a few hours they were up to every 8 minutes and starting to get intense.  We got all our ducks in a row and put PX to bed and then?  Nada.  8:30 hit and it all just stopped.  An hour later, as we were getting ready for bed, they began again but seemed fairly mild so to bed I went.  If I had them all night they never got any worse or more frequent; I did have 2 within a half an hour of getting up with PX at 4:30 for a diaper change but was able to fall back asleep shortly after.

My mother still has her money on this weekend.  I just would like my body to make up its mind (as I type a couple of mild contractions have hit).  I have no qualms waiting another week or two but would rather not have continuous bouts of contractions that go nowhere.  I'm already 4cm dilated and beginning to thin out, at this point it's either check yes or no body, not maybe.


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