How many to do lists do you have?

I need to put together a sewing to do list for the kiddos so I can prioritize my projects. There's so much I want to get done for the summer that I have no idea where to start. PX needs shorts and tanks, Rizzle will surely need some sundresses and diaper covers, their room needs all sorts of accessories. Ahh! I will be sewing till my fingers fall off.

  • Two things tie for first: a) PX needs shorts badly. His lack of belly and bum make him impossible to shop for, so I'm thinking altering this tut and some major toddler wardrobe refashion will work best. b) Travel diaper changing pads for each babe, considering the big diaper bag is far from ready and two of these may take one afternoon.

  • The kids' room and stroller need organizer baskets, a good 6 of these might suffice.

  • On that note, PX definitely needs a sippy cup leash and a couple for toys.

  • PX could use a few tank tops (perhaps altering this?) and I'd love to make Rizzle a few baby sundresses, maybe a couple skirts.

  • Considering all the walking we'll be doing, Rizzle will need a vented car seat cover. Half netting, half fabric.

  • Daddy Drax needs some decent aprons (just not pleated).

  • A picnic/beach quilt would be nice.

I think that's about it. Or, well, that's it for the VIProjects of spring/early summer. I wonder how much I'll actually get done. I'm planning on all…somehow.


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