Overwhelmingly Overwhelming

Today is one of those days I wish I could use a sick day.

It's down to the wire for baby Rizzle; she is due in officially less than 2 weeks, and being 3cm dilated the house is on standby.  That being said, there is so much left to do before her arrival: setting up the cradle, washing and folding everyone's clothes, scrubbing down the house, moving the changing table into our bedroom, picking out a middle name.  I thought I was behind during the final month with PX but nothing can compare to the insane to do lists I currently have tacked up around the house.  And the worst part is, I have no idea where to start or even how I will get this all done.

This pregnancy has certainly taken its toll on me; if I'd known how unbelievably crappy I'd feel with kiddo #2, I would have never complained even an ounce with PX.  It's been 30 weeks since I uttered those cursed words "I'm feeling great this time!" and doomed myself to an agonizing rest of my pregnancy.  I cannot even bend down now without having to rest my nauseated, sore stomach for close to an hour or else I'll be spending my day in the bathroom.  Every task takes me at least double my normal, unpregnant amount of time and that's on a good day.

I have no idea how Michelle Duggar does this year after year after year...

So today, all of this has piled up on top of a fussy toddler, no sleep for mom, and a generally upset stomach.  I'd love to just hide from any and all responsibilities, curl up in bed with some peppermint tea, and tell the boss to find a replacement for my afternoon shift as I have some relaxing to do.  But unfortunately, nannies/sitters, maids, and handymen don't take IOUs and I haven't had a credit card since the Bush administration so it's shots of coffee with Tums and Pepto chasers for me!  And perhaps some toast with


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