Black & Orange Aren’t Just for Halloween

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired to bust out my bag of vintage DMC floss and go to town after seeing this post.  With two under two and a tight budget, we’re a hand-me-down, repurposing, thrift store & yard sale type family.  I have no qualms with this, but sometimes the clothes can be a little boring.  Like these pants we got for PX: totally perfect condition, good quality, but plain.
2011-07-16 010
Maybe it’s the fact that 2T clothing is bigger and looks less “babyish” but these pants just screamed to me that they needed some attention.  So, I got crafty.
I’m really pleased with how this pair turned out.  I hadn’t picked up an embroidery needle in about 8 years!  I definitely won’t be waiting another 8 years now.


  1. Such a great idea! I follow your blog, I am the newest follower.

  2. Those are awesome! I've never really done any "clothes" projects but maybe I'll have to try! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog1 Yes, I love turtles too (and peanut butter sheet cake obviously!!). Have an awesome day!


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