My Newest Addiction

Alright, things are a bit calmer in the roost (for the time being) so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into some sort of routine.

Last month for my birthday, the other half gave me a budget and let me loose in Michael’s.  [yeah, he’s awesome]  I immediately made my way to the fabric paint et al isle and found this, the Tulip Fabric Paint Cannon.  Considering my sewing nook is a disaster and I’ve been itching to get creative, I snatched it up.

I’m not a fan of wearing white, especially with two kids under two, so I turned this

2011-07-23 031

into this!
2011-08-14 002

2011-08-14 004    2011-08-14 005

2011-08-14 003

Doesn’t it remind you of sprinkles?!

After playing around online I noticed this awesome little gadget was getting some bad reviews, so I decided to write down a few tips for anyone thinking of using this.
  • You CAN use this with just about any type of paint or dye!  Just know that the thinner the medium, the more your spray will resemble real spray paint; the pink in this shirt was done with the paint made for the cannon, the blue and yellow were done with basic acrylics thinned just a little (I wanted some splattery-looking spots).  So if your paint is coming out clumpy, try thinning it out.
  • Pump the cannon A LOT before starting any real design, to limit the amount of times (if any) you need to stop and repump.  Also try pumping more if your paint is coming out not-so-misty.
  • Let each color dry before applying the next, unless you want the colors to blend/bleed a little.
  • HEAT SET!  HEAT SET!  HEAT SET!  (For a great tutorial on heat setting acrylics, check this out).

I’m truly addicted to this thing.  I have all sorts of things planned out for it.  I need to be stopped!  ;)


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