Special Needs Ryan Gosling Day!

I’m way too tired to form coherent sentences (or title) of substance.  I haven’t slept longer than 1 hour at a time this week, and Wednesday night?  Forget it; made the mistake of giving little Rizzle something containing cheese so neither of us slept that night.  We just snuggled up together, miserable and whining.  So much for hoping she didn’t inherit my side’s awful gut issues.

So all I wanna do is sleep.  Please?  It’s rainy and I’m tired and I have no flavored coffee/creamer.  Sad thing is, in the big picture, this has been a decent week, so I should be all bouncy happy.  Maybe I’ll enjoy all the positives on Saturday.

Anyway, here’s Ryan to put some interesting into this post because it’s Friday and we all know what that means.  Be sure to head over to the link-up at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood for more sexy RyRy lolz.


Why isn’t he topless?


Is that an order?  I hope it is!  (lil Zac Brown Band for y’all btw)


True fact, both Ryan and Adam Levine (Maroon 5) have ADHD.  Adam’s fairly vocal about it, in a positive manner too.  {the more you know}  I’ve heard him credit it for some of his success.  Don’t think he credits it for his sexy, though.  I’d Google the article(s) but I’m lazy.


  1. Some water therapy with Ryan sounds great! And I didn't know that about Adam Levine. (the more you know, indeed)

  2. Ughhhh on the lack of sleep -- that's so rough. I've missed a bit too this week.

    Nice water therapy plan with Ryan!

  3. I didn't know that about Adam Levine. How awesome that he is working to get the word out on ADHD!

  4. These are great! I could totally jump in that pool right now.

  5. OMG Ryan AND Adam! What are you trying to do to me?!?!

    (Pretty flippin' cool that they both have ADHD!)


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