So, it’s been a summer.

I very much unintentionally took an entire summer off from blogging.  That’s kind of a long fucking time.  But I suppose, in some way, it’s what I needed I guess.  Or it’s just the ultimate example of my crappy time management skills.  But I digress.

So we had a summer, a long short summer of learning. 
We learned PX's preferred learning style, which is no nonsense & involves lots of PECS.  We learned that both kids are basically living examples of "If you give a mouse a cookie..." in terms of learning and discipline.  "Alright, you can have your snack on the couch."  *two minutes later*  "ARE YOU TRYING TO PLAY HASEL AND GRETEL?!  This must be the start of the rebellion."
We learned Rizzle probably has a muppet & puppet fetish, BUT the amount of sign language and basic words she's picking up from all her furry favorites give it a plus side.  I kind of figured her love of Elmo and Jason Segel would eventually boil over.  Time to introduce Miss Piggy!
kiddos 011
I learned I can never have too many calendars.  NEVER.  And Post-Its and white boards.  Notes, yo, they (kinda) work.
I learned that at some point PX will probably be paying me for the pleasure of doing the dishes.  This day honestly cannot come soon enough, as dishes are the bane of my existence.  That, and laundry.
We learned, to even the kids' surprise, they are duck whisperers.  Yes, duck.  I'm surprised we were able to leave the zoo without a few stashing themselves away in the stroller. 
I can't explain why that's invaluable, but it just friggen is.  I'll explain more at another time, because it's just too much for this.
But now summer is over.  We've moved into a new, bigger place and it's time to settle in to our routines and get back to normal.  Well, our normal.


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