Rounding Out

Well I've made it to the home stretch of cooking this dumpling. I really don't care that technically I still have 9 weeks to go as this is the home stretch to me; I consider once you can't tie your shoes and get winded walking 200 feet to be the home stretch. Now is the time to bounce between wishing time would fast forward and having a panic attack over how soon you'll have a new addition. Oh yes, now is the magical time when even the twists and turns of Six Flags' Superman coaster can't compare to the changing of your emotions.

I wish I had relished in the amount of freedom I had during my first pregnancy instead of dismissing it. Now on top of the general preparations for a newborn, I am responsible for the full-time care of a baby-turning-toddler, trying to wean him off the bottle and get him to self-feed, as well as somehow keep my house from falling apart. I would happily trade places with an elephant mama right about now and let this tot cook for another 400+ days. Yup, sounds perfect to me!


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