April Showers Indeed

Don’t let the saying fool you:  it applies to more than just the weather!


I don’t believe I have had an uneventful April upon graduating from high school in 2004.  In college April was always the home stretch of winter term, the beginning of numerous all-nighters used to accomplish projects (academic and otherwise).  During my collegiate hiatus it signaled the end of winter hibernation and work becoming a mob scene.  And now in motherhood April has taken on a life all its own, morphing to create 30 days of attempting to recuperate from random long nights planning festivities while tackling the new year growth spurts.   So it’s only fitting I decide to start blogging again, and working on expanding my Etsy shop’s inventory.  Because it would only make sense to do this during a slow month, like January, and I never do anything that makes sense.   This April, though, I do have the advantage of not having a newborn or being pregnant!  That’s what I call hope.


outside 039

Now my kids are both huge, and playing together, and make me want to do something special for every holiday or special occasion!  And luckily for me April has Easter, my anniversary, Rizzle’s first birthday, Earth Day, and it is also National Poetry Month AND Autism Awareness Month.  I’ve probably forgotten some other events I will subsequently remember, celebrate, and record here but for now, this is it.

And it all starts this week with a special salute to poetry.


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