Gardening with Tots, episode 1

Happy Sunday and happy Easter to the Easter celebrators!  Easter has always been to me a bit of the unofficial start of spring weather; the bright colors, the bunnies, the flowers, the plastic grass that infests your home worse than glitter.  Ah, springtime magic.


A few days ago, after weeks of dreaming and hording supplies, I set up my kitchen to unknowingly get trashed in an experiment of gardening with tots.  Living in Maine, if you lack a greenhouse and you don’t want to wait until June to get your sowing on, it’s indoor planting for you.  The kids had recently discovered the wonder that is dirt during a freak mini-March heat wave so, upon seeing containers full of squishy soil, they just dove right in.


gardening 012


PX is most definitely starting the “Let’s Taste It” phase, a little late I believe, and no, dirt did not pass the test. 


gardening 074  gardening 080


At around the 10 minute mark, when the dirt really started to fly, I realized that my romanticized idea of my tots helping to push some seeds in was actually a motherhood delusion.  Because where’s the fun in keeping it all in the containers?  Toddlers cannot find it, it seems.


gardening 020


So after a generous scrubdown and a snack that’s main ingredient is not dirt, it was time for mama to swoop in and finish up the planting.  Time to anxiously await seedling transfer season!  …in about six weeks.


gardening 128


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