Matted Monday #1

I may not be the best on the block but photography has always been my first true love.  So what could be better than weekly photography posts?  Nothing.  Well, besides winning the Mega Millions, nothing.  Lifetime financial security is pretty awesome in my book.


A few weeks back my sweet, adorable, daredevil PX turned the big 2.0 and I got to indulge in my secret cake decorating fetish.  My favorite added bonus of parenthood is definitely the cake decorating.  Given the means, I like to fantasize about giving the Cake Boss a run for his money.  So PX’s 2nd favorite thing in the world besides Curious George is undoubtedly construction vehicles.  And what fun I got to have! 


Phoenix's 2nd birthday! 010


By far, my favorite shot of the day (not starring a kiddo, of course).


Happy Monday!


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