A Fabricated Week #2 {the almost toddler travel pillow}

Dude.  I had a big case of the stupids this week. 

I have had PX’s travel neck pillow planned out for a month. At least.  And cut and pinned for a few weeks. I’m surprised the damn thing didn’t grow legs and walk over to the machine itself. But by 10pm last night, out of pure determination, it was machine sewn and stuffed. Success! But then it hit me, as I reach to finish it up with some hand stitching- I never actually measured the damn thing in comparison to PX’s neck. FACEPALM.



Obviously I wasn’t about to wake my son, an I didn’t feel like sewing it only to have to alter some stiches so, stuffing pouring out, I called it a night.  When the tots awoke this morning, it was the moment of truth.  And?




Too small.  That’ll prevent faceplanting in his car seat about as well as nothing.  BUT!  All was not lost.  Because some members of this clan don’t have skinny necks and giant domes (just giant domes).




A few stitches and Rizzle will have her own travel pillow.  Maybe this is why I had my surprise baby, so someone can always benefit from my crafting.  Even the eff ups.


  1. Adorable! Both the pillow and the kids :)

  2. Hi Elle! Do you have a pattern for your pillow or did you wing it?
    -Shara @ Palmettos and Pigtails

  3. I'm about to make 2 for our summer road trip. Measuring - good idea and a step I was likely going to wing myself. Susannah @ www.colourstogo.ca


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