A Fabricated Week #1 (+ Free Printable)

Oh man I’m pooped.  Exhaustion has come and claimed another victim. 


This first week of April has been incredibly busy.  My rugrats started their developmental playgroup this week, as both have been having speech/eating problems and PX is in line for a visit with a developmental pediatrician for his autism analysis (for lack of a better word).  And it was a big hit with both, and us as well considering the tots were pooped out that night.  This was thrown into the mix of crafting for my Etsy shop, coordinating appointments for everyone in the house, and long sleepless teething nights with Rizzle.


(oh the irony.)

But I’ve still managed to get moving on some projects, and dip my toes back into tooling around with graphics programs.  And in honor of April being National Poetry Month, I put on my haiku cap and came up with a shiny image that now needs to find a home (and a frame).



Perhaps this gem has struck your fancy?  Well feel free to click and use!  Warning: it is a large image size, and was created to be printed using 300dpi for a nice 8” square image. 


Sharing is caring.  Happy Poetry Month!


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