I’ll Take an Allegra Martini, Shaken Not Stirred.

It’s gorgeous out.  The sun is shining, there’s a crisp breeze blowing, a crystal clear blue sky.  And we’re inside.  Because I cannot go more than two minutes without sneezing, blowing my nose, or drowsily exclaiming I need a new sinus system.  Not to mention PX’s nose might as well be a river and Rizzle is perfecting the surprise snot attack.  GAAAAAH.  But if my biggest whine of the day is how I’m missing a good weather day because of the Three Allergy Musketeers, I might as well STFU and be thankful my house isn’t being torn to shreds by a tornado.  Seriously, in comparison I’m just a whineass, amiright?
In reality, this ginormous allergy assault is actually a blessing in disguise; it’s forced me to slow the heck down and FINALLY finish PX’s picture communication cards just in time because *drum roll* we have a signer!  It’s been exactly a week since this guy decided to consistently tell us he wants a drink, and when he’s done (usually with us, stinker lol!), as well as trying like hell to express when he’s hungry! 
Victory is ours!
That may not seem like much to many (most) but it’s a blessing in disguise really; every day we get to experience one small victory, one of the “small things” that get taken for granted (even on the batshitcrazy days when that “little thing” just may be the poop stayed off the walls and in/on the diaper—you know, THOSE days).  Sure it won’t keep me from worrying about his progress in the big picture, but it guarantees at least one smile a day.  That ain’t bad, f’reals.


  1. That's freaking FANTASTIC! As a mom of a son who took a very long time to talk, I can understand how great this moment is for you! The speech therapist tried to teach Danny how to sign, but he never did catch on. I'm so excited for you and your son!

    1. Thank you! :) When he pointed to his drink twice and signed on the Saturday before Easter, I thought I was going to faint. It's been frustrating because we introduced him to signing really early with some DVDs, he caught on but then lost it by 18months, and then fought tooth & nail the past 2 months. You could see him understanding it, but just holding back. I'm just praying it sticks! lol

  2. We feel your pain! The boys can't leave the house with out Zertec, Cingular, & an inhaler or nebulizor! Sometimes we just drive & enjoy the nice day from the safety of the car hahah! love your blog!


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